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Moda Scrap Bag: Robin Pickens


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If you are like me, you enjoy a surprise, but it is more exciting when you get a clue! These scrap bags feature a Robin Pickens collection of greens, golds, pinks and charcoals.

These scrap bags contain approximately 1/2 a pound of 2"-4" wide strips left over from the production of Moda Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes. This means for a few extra minutes of elbow grease to trim off the selvages, you have top quality Moda fabric, for a fraction of the cost. n nThese strips vary in length, but will be perfect to make many of your favorite jelly roll patterns, scrappy quilts or to use to make binding strips! The fabrics are color coordinated, and are often predominantly from the same collection of fabric, but being a blind bag, of course, there are no guarantees.