FREE Sew and Trace worksheet

I am passionate about teaching others to sew, particularly the next generation. I am in the minority as a thirty-something woman in the quilting community, but even fewer members of the next generation are learning to sew. To help spread the sewing and quilting love across multiple generations, my husband and I designed a series of Sew and Trace worksheets that can be printed on a home printer. I taught my children to sew using lines on printer paper, because paper is stiffer and easier to maneuver than fabric, and cheaper as well!

Remember to establish safety rules before sewing with a child, and the age at which they are old enough to safely use a sewing machine with supervision will vary from child to child. You know your child best. Sew and Trace worksheets teach the fundamentals like following a straight line and turning corners, which will help acclimate a new sewist to their machine before tackling their first fabric project.

The first Sew and Trace worksheet is FREE for limited personal use. Please do not use to teach to large groups or for profit. If you would like the set of three starter worksheets, they are a free gift to new Newsletter subscribers. If you would like those, as well as to stay in the loop with Emi and Ko Studio events and special offers, sign up for my newsletter HERE.

 How to use the Sew and Trace Straight Lines worksheet:

1. Print out the Sew and Trace worksheet on your home printer.

2. Set up your sewing machine with or without thread, turn it on, and set your machine to sew a straight stitch.

3. Lift the presser foot, position the paper so that the START dot is directly under the needle, then lower the presser foot.

4. Follow the dotted line until you hit a turn, then with the needle DOWN, lift the presser foot, turn the paper, lower the presser foot to continue sewing along the line.

5. NEXT STEP FOR QUILTING: If you want to practice sewing a 1/4 inch seam used in quilting, target the dotted line to the 1/4 inch line on your needle plate (or other marker you can make like washi tape).

6. FOR FUN: Once you get the hang of following the straight line with a straight stitch choose a zig-zag or other decorative stitch.