Quilt Patterns

I pull inspiration from both my Eastern and Western roots, and modern, Japanese influenced designs are where my creativity blooms.

Hi! I am Emi, a longarm quilter, pattern designer, wife & mother of four.

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FREE Sew & Trace Worksheet

Perfect for new sewists, this worksheet can be printed on printer paper and be used with or without thread.


Teaching the Next Generation

The majority of children and young adults are not learning how to sew in the home or at school like so many did in the past.


Why Choose Wide Backing?

The money savings are undeniable, but what are the pros and cons to consider when deciding whether to use wide backing for your quilts?


Longarm Quilting

Emi & Ko Studio specializes in digital edge to edge and block by block quilting, to help you complete your one-of-a-kind work of art.


Emi is amazing!! Her work on a quilt my sisters and I spent over a year making finished the piece perfectly! She made sure our quilt wasn’t only beautifully quilted but also ensured that it was going to stand up to years of love and cuddles. I cannot wait to finish my next quilt so I can send it her way!

Stephanie B.

Emi was my quilter for about two years prior to her moving.  Her work was always neat, even, and without knotted areas or pleats.  She was diligent to understand my vision for a project or offered great ideas about design or color when I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted for a quilt. The quilting Emi did for me never failed to please!

Polly C.