Longarm Quilting Services

Emi and Ko Studio offers a wide range of longarm quilting services to meet different customer needs. Whether you need a basic looped design to hold the layers together, a beautiful edge to edge design or are looking for a custom, one of a kind quilt, I am happy to help you finish your project!

Below are the main quilting services and prices offered, however, please contact Emi and Ko Studio by filling out a customer worksheet to get a personalized quote. 

If you would like the convenience of purchasing your batting from Emi and Ko Studio, I carry 96" Hobbs Heirloom 80/20, 110″ wide Warm 100 pure cotton batting, 90″ Warm & White bleached cotton batting and 124″ Warm and Natural cotton batting. I also carry some smaller precut packages from Hobbs and The Warm Company. If buying by the yard and your quilt is less than the width of the batting by the yard, you will be given any remnants to use on a future project. Batting scraps can be pieced together easily with a zig zag stitch or smaller pieces are perfect for mini quilts and may even be large enough for a baby quilt! 

Not everyone loves the final step of binding, or perhaps you just need a jump start and can happily stitch the applied binding to the back on your own while watching your favorite TV show. Depending on your preferences or needs, there are four options available to add on to a longarm quilting service. 

Option #1 — Binding pre-made by the customer and applied to the FRONT: $2.00/running foot
Option #2 — Binding made from customer provided fabric and applied to the FRONT: $3.00/running foot
Option #3 — Option #1, applied and machine finished: $3.50/running foot
Option #4 — Option #2, applied and machine finished: $4.50/running foot

This is the main event! Quilting has a functional purpose to hold the layers together, but it can also become an artistic element to bring your quilt to the next level. Even a seemingly ordinary patchwork quilt can go from darling to dazzling with the addition of quilting designs. 

When I was working out of a Bernina dealership in Ottawa, ON, Canada, I switched to charging by the square foot, to fit with what the previous longarmers had done. It is easier for customers to visualize a square foot, and to get a general idea of how much the quilting may cost, plus my invoicing software likes it a whole lot better than .000 decimal places. :)

It is simple to calculate the square footage of your project to get an estimate of the cost, by using the following equation: 

Width (in.) x Length (in.) ÷ 144 = Square Feet of your quilt 
For example, 60" x 60" ÷ 144 = 25 sq.ft.

Economy Edge to Edge Design                  $3/sq.ft. 
Basic Edge to Edge Design                        $4/sq.ft.     *Most Popular*
Basic+ Edge to Edge Design                      $4.50/sq.ft.
Dense Edge to Edge Design                       Starting at $5/sq.ft.
Digital Block and Border                             Starting at $7/sq.ft.

Please note that most customer needs and design selections fit into the $4 per sq.ft. category. There are some limited economy designs available for those on a smaller budget, or a wide selection of other denser or more intricate patterns available for special projects.

One of my favorite choices to make second to fabric, thread can blend in with a quilt design or add another layer of color. Emi and Ko Studio offers select choices of cotton and polyester threads, however, non-stock spools can be purchased at cost or provided by the customer to coordinate with a specific project.

Premium polyester thread is included in the square inch prices above.

Sometimes you do not have the time or a large enough cutting surface and want your quilt trimmed before pick up. Emi and Ko Studio offers trimming the backing and batting as an add-on to longarm quilting services. $8-$20 per quilt.

Sometimes you finish a quilt top and are plum tuckered out! Like the batting option offered above, Emi and Ko Studio has select wide backing choices available for purchase with your longarm quilting services. These fabrics are 108″ wide, so you do not have to worry about seaming narrower pieces together, and if there are any scraps left, you will get them back to use on your next quilt top or other sewing project.

Alternately, I also offer seaming services for customer provided yardage if you have standard width fabric that needs to be sewn together into a larger backing. $10-15 per seam

If you are ready to get a quote, fill out my online Customer Intake Form.