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Creative Japan is the podcast where we explore the vibrant world of artists and makers united by a Japanese connection. The podcast features a wide range of artists, and touches on many different art styles and areas of creativity. 

I believe that by listening to others' stories, we can grow as creatives and find new sources of inspiration. We can find commonality in our struggles and successes, we can learn definitions of crafts and techniques, and we can explore forms or approaches to art that we may not have considered before.

What is a "Japanese connection"?
Some guests will be of Japanese heritage-- they could be contemporary artists with more western influences, while others may practice a Japanese form of art or show Japanese cultural influences in their work.

Other guests will be of non-Japanese heritage, who may be living in Japan, or who may have dedicated their work to a traditional Japanese craft. Some of these guests may predominantly use Japanese materials or influences in their art. 

Get curious with me, as we uncover artist’s creative journeys, influences, and unique perspectives that may inspire and ignite your artistic voice at Creative Japan.

Emi Takagi Stapler is a Japanese-American quilter and designer currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Born in the United States and raised in Japan, she finds inspiration from her Japanese culture and upbringing, but through a modern lens. 

She enjoys connecting with artists and makers to listen to their creative journeys, and believes that we find the most authentic inspiration when we are curious and look far beyond our own front doors.

• Episode 1. Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight with Satomi Quilts

• Episode 2. COMING SOON