Organize Quilting Rulers on a Repurposed Mug Stand

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I love to find creative potential in ordinary things. So when I saw a gently used modern farmhouse-esque mug holder go on sale in my neighborhood page, I grabbed it! 

So I will confess, I didn't know for sure that I would use this in my quilting studio when I got it. Many possibilities crossed my mind such as a jewelry tree, and my husband was even interested in actually using it for its intended purpose (for his coffee mugs), but there are already enough things on our counter, so I voted that idea out.

Vintage Style Mug Stand on Counter

The narrower black hooks, generous spacing between them, two rows and stable base seemed like they had great potential for hanging my smaller quilting rulers and notions. Once I brought it home I found that most of the rulers with holes fit, and the narrow depth meant that it fit perfectly on the window sill without taking up any precious table space. 

Mug Stand Quilt Rulers and Notions

I found the exact mug stand on Amazon online, and it is also available in a version with a small table on top. This may work will for pin cushions, decorative items or other small items that don't need to hang.

Smaller rulers and snips fit on the top row for me, and my narrower <4.5" rulers fit well on the bottom rack as long as I alternated wider and narrower items. You can check out my video on social media to see the items hung in action, but I am quite pleased with my thriftiness and this discovery this week!

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