Kaki Jam Quilt Pattern

Cutting Diagrams

If you are a visual maker, these cutting diagrams are for you! I love to see how a designer intended for pieces to fit in the recommended yardage, so I wanted to provide these to those who also like visual diagrams. Use these as a guide so you don't unexpectedly run out of fabric before all of your pieces are cut.

Fabric A

Kaki Jam Quilt Pattern Fabric A Cutting Diagram

Fabric B

Kaki Jam Quilt Pattern Fabric B Cutting Diagrams

Fabric C

Kaki Jam Quilt Pattern Fabric C Cutting Diagrams

Fabric D

Extra Tips for Sewing Curves

  • Use small dots of washable glue to hold the curved fabric pieces RST instead of pins. No more wondering if your fabric ends will match up in the end. 
  • I always recommend a scant 1/4" seam when piecing, but this is especially true for curves as you do not want to curve deeper-- your blocks will come out too small!
  • Go SLOW. Curves and bias do not like to go at chain-piecing speeds.
  • For smaller curves (like the Curved Units), I tug on my curved edges to get them to line up and cooperate. I do NOT tug on the larger curves, as there is plenty of bias to work with. I simply use the tip of a pin to scoot the fabric to the right, in line with the curved fabric below. 

Non-Appliqued Centers

Not a fan of applique, or want to do something a little different? Use a 2" button for the middle of the full, center persimmon, or use thick decorative or sashiko threads to stitch a circle and fill pattern.